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Dog Agility, Sports and Health (DASH) with Jean

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About Jean

A graduate of the Royal Veterinary College (Continuing Professional Development Program), Jean received her Certificate in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for Veterinary Nurses at the Animal Rehab Health Academy. Jean is experienced in handling ex-police dogs, civilian dogs, senior dogs and puppies according to the principles of canine behaviour.

Trained in Karen Pryor Academy’s Dog Sports Essentials, Jean specialises in dog sports, and can train dogs in progressive agility based on each dog's level of fitness and interest. Jean also provides rehabilitation, therapy and hospice care for dogs and cats using a mix of comfort facilitation such as hydro therapy, massages and rubs, hug therapy (yes it works!), companionship and conversations.

Additionally, Jean also works with animals that have physical disabilities, or are experiencing physical transitions due to aging and surgical recovery. Aside to working with dogs, Jean has over 5 years of experience working with horses in equine care and stable welfare. As a pet lover and wildlife advocate, Jean has successfully rescued, adopted and raised small mammals and crustaceans from baby through adulthood.

Jean is the Founder of Pee Pad Club (, an island-wide service automating the replenishment of affordable dog pee pads every quarter for wholesale and retail subscribers. Learn more about Jean and her canine work at

Jean and Gizmo

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Dog Agility

Dog agility is a thrilling and dynamic canine sport that challenges both the physical prowess and mental agility of dogs. From jumping over bars to fetching a flying disc, agility routines are designed to engage dogs by promoting confidence and enhancing their overall obedience. Through agility, dogs acquire skills in collaborating with their trainer, judging distance and speed, navigating new territories as well as persevering to accurately complete routines under timed conditions.

Combo Agility

Chodi - Viszla

Bar Agility

Trufa - King Charles Cavalier

Hoop Agility

Gizmo - Shetland Sheepdog

Disc Agility

Flynn - Shiba Inu

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Canine Rehab

Canine rehabilitation and physiotherapy are therapeutic strategies to enhance the healing and holistic care of dogs. They are effective in enabling dogs to recover from surgery, manage chronic pain and maintain mobility during aging, A wide range of rehabilitation techniques are available to improve muscular strength, flexibility, and overall functionality, including hydrotherapy, cone work, targeted stretching, massage and hurdle stimulation. Common physiotherapy tools used are theraballs, balance platforms, ramps, and mobility donuts.

Nose & Cone Work


Massage & Pain Management


Baxter - Golden Retriever

Baxter - Golden Retriever

Doc - Labrador

Toby - Shih Tzu Yorkshire

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Routines & Conditioning

Routines and conditioning reinforce a dog’s positive behavior patterns and its overall ability to execute discipline upon requests, cues and commands. Through goal-setting and targeted training approaches, dogs can benefit from daily structured walks, obedience training, impulse control and focus enablement. Well-schooled dogs have a lower risk of getting self-inflicted injuries, demonstrate a heightened awareness of their environments and exhibit a superior capacity for adaptable independence. Routines and conditioning form the cornerstone of the human-canine bond which leads to a consistently harmonious, trusting and fulfilling partnership.

Daily Structured Walks

Riley - King Charles Cavalier

Obedience Training

Pablo - Dachshund

Impulse Control

Poppy - French Bull Dog

Focus Skills

Parker & Percy - English Cockerspaniels

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Enrichment & Excursions

Enrichment and excursions beyond traditional training scopes equip dogs with new experiences and stimulations, fostering a well-rounded canine personality. By exploring different environments, encountering diverse stimuli and engaging in social interactions, dogs overcome boredom, alleviate stress and cultivate enthusiasm. Being exposed to a wide variety of terrains and immersive surroundings, dogs generate new skills for adapting to changing sights, scents and sounds. Regular enrichment and excursions provide opportunities for physical exercise, cognitive development and improved quality of life.

Beach Adventure

Toby - Shih Tze Yorkshire

Riley - King Charles Cavalier

Island Hopping

Flynn - Shiba Inu

Gardens Exploration

Heritage Hike

Hiro - Shiba Inu

Rylin & River - Huskies


Rates & Policies

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Effective from January 1st, 2024

Service Area: Orchard (Singapore)

Rainy Weather Plan: Dog walks normally continue if it is only drizzling, unless otherwise requested or if lightning and thunder are present. For the safety of your dogs and mine, both outdoor and indoor dog walks will be canceled during moderate showers, heavy rain and storms regardless of the presence of lightning and thunder, as ground water and seepage may cause slips and falls. Canceled dog walks due to rainy weather may be re-sequenced to another time on the same day or rescheduled to another day, both pending availability.

Pre-Payment and Credits: Billing will be sent ahead of time and payment is required in order to confirm a booking. In the event of a reschedule or cancellation, the due amount can be carried over to the following bill as credits. Refunds are not normally issued.

Paw Cat Illustration
Paw Cat Illustration

Get In Touch

Contact Jean via email:


Meet-N-Greet: If a Meet-N-Greet is not fulfilled or responded to within one week of your initial enquiry (unless otherwise arranged), it will be assumed that you have found alternative solutions for your needs, so I shall proceed to close your enquiry even if I may initially reply that I am available for the services requested. This is so I don't double hold dates or bug you for an update.

Aggressive or Reactive Dogs: I would not be able to train or accept aggressive or reactive dogs. Should your dog require behaviour modification, I may be able to refer you to canine behaviour dog trainers or consultants.

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